black and white

handmade sketch book

vintage fabric + reclaimed adorned objects


festival update...

kathryn + caitlin are applying for the milwaukee arts festival in july.

together we are applying for the lincoln part arts faire.Link

cross you finger and send good vibes

thanks + we'll keep you posted


Custer's Last Stand

6.19 & 20.10
so that is what 10 x 10 looks like!



4th annual humboldt park art festival

4th annual humboldt park art festival
festival #1

3.5 hours and a few finishing touches....
our debut.
a few changes, but similar to what we envisioned
thanks for everyone who came out to support us!

don't forget: custer's last stand next weekend!


handmade books

handmade books ~ for writing, sketching, recording
materials: collection of salvage paper
personal artwork/screen prints/photographs
nickel platted screw posts
vinyl cover
vintage fabric pocket
no adhesive!!!
Blue sold at Humboldt yesterday . . . wish I had got a better picture :(
I hope that they enjoy it as much as I did creating it!

vintage fabric + reclaimed adorned objects

Fabric collected by my Grandma Pichette when she worked in a seamstress shop years ago. She told me that she would take the remnants out of the trash, with the hope of one day making a quilt. She felt "that they were too beautiful to be thrown away."
Grandma never ended up making the quilts she dreamed of, and passed the fabric along to me.
Their purpose has now come to fruition through these necklaces.
Care Instructions ~ Unfinished vintage fabric, please expect fraying. Trim as needed.
Every necklace is housed in a box to help mitigate wear.
helping . . . swear