To a Park Bench Couch!

Inspired by the abandoned headboard.
(selected and bought by me. built with the help of ji and the SEPTL for tools. THANK YOU)




YOU ARE LOVED pink banner challenge

challenge 16 x 144 inch door weaving banner, five days

Step one….material. Tea stained warp and fabric remnants.

Dyed hand spun news paper, spun paper bags and synthetic fabric.

Materials range from vintage fabric to an Hawaiian lei.

Step two….build the loom. Door reclaimed from the ally and cleaned up.

Ducted piping (actually an old lamp shade I had made out of duct piping) used to protect

the warp from the old door. Tension wood also reclaimed

(will later find out that there was not enough slack).

Step three….weave. Due to there not being enough slack the piece was not able to shift.

It got too tight halfway through the U, 30 inches long.

END - Ravenswood Pink Walk


Ravenswood PinkWalk!

Ravenswood PinkWalk. On Sunday, February 27th from

Noon – 5 P.M. along Ravenswood Avenue,

House Beautiful will take to the streets of Chicago to

celebrate their March issue, The Power of Pink!

Feel FREE to be a participant!! - Registration Ends at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday February 20.
Or come to support KP and many other local artist!


for aunt linda

fabric cut from her own collection, and some of Grandma B's
a seamstress at a young age.
an amazing woman i continue to learn from.


Art: In Focus featuring the works of Caitlin McGinn

Downtown Chicago across the river from the Merchandise Mart – CaffĂ© Baci 225 W Wacker – come see fourteen of my newest works!

"The Artificial Phylum"
36" x 48"

"The Spirit of Lemons"
36" x 48"

30" x 40"

"Sacred Spectrum"
30" x 40"

24" x 30"

"Bowie's Cold Mountain"
24" x 30"

30" x 30"

"And Away"
30" x 40"

30" x 30"

"Shady Grove"
22" x 28"

"Paion Heights"
36" x 48"

"Pastel Bliss"
36" x 48"

"What Dreams"
40" x 30"

30" x 30"

For purchasing email me at caitlinmcginn1@me.com or visit me at caitlinmcginn.etsy.com


You Are Loved in 2011

To the end of 2010……

We would like to thank each and every one of you for your unique support in creating and maintaining the You Are Loved Collective. Hard to believe this all started just over six months ago!!! We are most grateful for the opportunity to get to share our work with fellow artist and new communities.
Updates and things to come:

Caitlin McGinn – Musings: Abstract Landscape Paintings
Finishing up a long year of craft and find art fairs, art showings with Greenleaf Art Center and applying to grad school; Caitlin has been working hard to get ready for her solo show at Caffe Baci on Wacker Dr., opening January 7, 2011.

Pam Paggao – Carrot+Coriander
Settling into sunny Sedona, Pam has had much deserved time to truly focus on her art. C+C has been successful with purchases throughout North America and an art show this past month in Phoenix, AZ.

Katie Pichette – Efficient Design
Slowly striking a balance between making and working; Katie has also been volunteering with Mimi’s Organic Exchange for theRavenswood Art Walk and Vert Couture fashion show here in Chicago. KP will now be exploring the possibilities of reclaiming value at the construction level and looks forward to finishing some abandoned creations.

As we happily evolve – we welcome questions, suggestions, inspiration, collaboration and good energy.

We'd love to hear from you!
Peace and joy to all!

You Are Loved Collective