new pieces....work in progress

pen and white higgins ink on black bristol, 9x12, 2010



new pieces

white acrylic ink and pen on found image

pen and ink on paper 6"x8"
pen and ink on paper 6"x8"


more images of stolen work...

Stolen Paintings

Nine paintings wrapped in pink drop cloth paper were stolen from my Rogers Park garage on Sunday evening. The titles for these works are written on the paper in black Sharpie. Six of these paintings were framed at Granville Galleries in Edgewater and may be recognizable by the sticker on the back. Framing is in various colors of antiqued wood. Attached are images of the stolen work. Please contact me, Caitlin McGinn, if found. I will reward with artwork or money. Please refer to my Etsy site for more images. www.caitlinmcginn.etsy.com


new pieces

a neighbor passed away, and all of her earthly belongings were being discarded into a large dumpster over the course of four days. they hired 10 burly men to come and clean out her house. she had no family. no one to carry on her memory. i asked if i could have these photos from her son's wedding.