f/w : 2010
cotton fabric + vintage wool + acrylic yarn +
hand dyed washi paper + bone +
metal + shell + spent bullet casings +
antique brass chain



album art

work in progress for artist matt barlow.
i cannot decide which piece works best. i like the shading, boy doesn't so much. what do you think?


work in progress...

it's taking forever to fill such a small space.


check back soon....

first giveaway...

but we don't know what to giveaway...

what from the website do you want to see for free?

let us know by leaving a comment and we'll see what we can do.
drawings, paintings, jewelry, book....

excited to hear what you have to say!
thanks guys!

first snoozer loser shipment

didn't have any boxes or packaging for my first shipment, so i had to fashion something from the boxes that i've used for the two moves.
katie and i stole them from the costco in chicago...
moved the box to az, and now it's on it's way to ny.
included is an altered photograph, a handmade headdress pin, some tiny pine cones from fossil creek, and a slide i found at a thrift store. the slides are from someone's trip to rome in the 60's.